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OptometrY & Advanced contact lenses

Full scope optometry with a focus on eye health

Your eyes are important

Optometry is not just about frames and lenses. It is about ensuring that your eyes are healthy and that you are seeing as clearly as possible. We can fully check your eyes for diseases including glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and corneal disease and other anomalies.

Contact lens care

All the options at our disposal

Whether you have never worn contact lenses before you have worn them for decades, we can provide full contact lens care from daily disposables to highly customised contact lenses. David Foresto is one of Australia's most experienced contact lens practitioners. 

As an advanced contact lens practice we have access to all of the lenses on the global market and regularly source custom contact lenses from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the USA and the UK for our most complicated patients. We offer contact lenses from labs including Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Cooper Vision, Johnson and Johnson, Capricornia, Gelflex, Number7, Synergeyes, Contact Lens Centre Australia, Corneal Lens Corporation New Zealand, Menicon, Sauflon, Australian Contact Lenses, David Thomas, Cantor and Nissel, Boston, Paragon, Contex and more. 

Keratoconus and Corneal Grafts

A lifetime of vision care

There is a saying in the world of eye care that a keratoconus patient is a patient for life. If you suffer this corneal condition we can provide all the advice you require. We use German 3D corneal scanning technology to ensure that all custom made contact lenses fit optimally. We can fit soft lenses, hybrid lenses, rigid gas permeable, corneo-scleral, miniscleral and full scleral lenses for keratoconus. We also work in conjunction with ophthalmologists to ensure that your condition is fully monitored and treated appropriately at all times. Most optometrists see one of two patients per year with keratoconus. David Foresto has treated over 1000 patients with keratoconus and corneal grafts. Click here for more information on keratoconus care


You may be a suitable research subject

We are seeking patients with keratoconus or corneal grafts to participate in the trial of various new contact lens designs. 

Research participants benefit from having access to new technologies before the rest of the market, usually at a significant price saving or sometimes free.Please register your interest here

Myopia Control

We can slow the rate of short sightedness

It's a fact, technology now exists to slow the rate of short sightedness. Are you worried that you or your child's eyes are continually getting worse? We are one of the few practices in Australia to have access to Coopervision's full range of myopia control contact lenses including MiSightTM. We also offer Orthokeratology and Atropine as Myopia control treatments. This is no fad. Full peer reviewed published scientific studies are available.


Correct your vision while you sleep - an alternative to Lasik

Orthokeratology is the process of reshaping the front of your eyes while you sleep by using gas permeable contact lenses. After removing the lenses in the morning, you will be able to see clearly for the rest of the day without glasses or contact lenses. This technology is safe and effective. To see if you are suitable for Orthokeratology, make an appointment today. For more information on orthokeratology contact lenses, click here

Advanced Dry Eye care

Get an expert opinion

David Foresto is regarded as one of Australia's leading dry eye practitioners. David has lectured across Australia on dry eye and provides expert consulting to pharmaceutical companies on dry eye education. Dry eye is a condition which is frequently trivialised, yet it can often be easily treated if an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause is made.

Paediatric Contact Lenses

We fit contact lenses from age 4 weeks

Yes that's right. Sometimes children as young as 4 weeks need contact lenses. We fit contact lenses for congenital cataract, post-trauma, Stickler's syndrome, high refractive error and more. Sometimes contact lenses are used for children who are self conscious about wearing glasses or children who are active in sports or gymnastics. Don't assume that your child is unsuitable for contact lenses, see us first for a professional opinion. In every contact lens patient, full education and tuition on contact lenses insertion, removal and safety is given.