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Do you have Keratoconus?

We are leaders in fitting contact lenses for Keratoconus and Corneal Grafts, from mild to extreme

What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus is a disorder involving thinning of the cornea. The cornea is the clear shell which sits in front of the coloured part of the eye (the iris). Once the cornea has thinned, it begins to steepen and become too pointy. The effect of this is to create a distorted optical surface of the eye. Glasses can not properly correct these distortions, but customised contact lenses can.

We have extensive experience with fitting customised contact lenses for keratoconus and patients with corneal grafts ensuring that every custom contact lens achieves optimal vision, comfort and safety.

Most optometrists see one or two patients with keratoconus per year. We deal with a very high volume of patients with keratoconus, generally up to 10 per day.

Keratoconus Management:

We can give you advice on your keratoconus for the short term and the long term

If you have keratoconus or corneal grafts there is no need to feel alone. David Foresto is one of Australia's most experienced optometrists in the field of keratoconus and corneal grafts. We can give you the information and advice you need, all based on the latest research and evidence. There are various treatment options for keratoconus including contact lenses, KeraringsTM, IntacsTM, Corneal transplants, Intraocular lenses, Corneal cross linking / Collagen cross linking, Laser ablation, and numerous more. Having managed more than 1000 patients with keratoconus and corneal grafts/transplants, we can give you unbiased advice on the best options for your keratoconus. We also work very closely with your medical specialist or surgeon to ensure the best outcome. In fact, the majority of our new keratoconus patients are referred to us by ophthalmologists from all over Queensland. 

Contact Lens Options for Keratoconus and Corneal Grafts

All of the options at our disposal

We take fitting contact lenses for keratoconus and corneal grafts very seriously. Obtaining the optimum visual correction for your keratoconus or corneal grafts requires experience, customised equipment and access to numerous options. We use 3D corneal topography / scanning equipment from Oculus in Germany and regularly source custom contact lenses from laboratories in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the USA and the UK in order to ensure that you are wearing the best option for your eyes. We can fit custom rigid gas permeable, miniscleral, full scleral, custom soft and hybrid lenses for keratoconus and corneal grafts.

Are you interested in soft contact lenses for keratoconus? We are now one of the first practices in Australia to have access to Kerasoft IC.

Keratoconus information:

Free download of the latest in keratoconus research

Are you interested in reading the latest research on keratoconus? The following link takes you to the 2013 Special Keratoconus Edition of the scientific journal - Clinical & Experimental Optometry. This edition was co-ordinated by our colleague Richard Lindsay from Melbourne and has been made free to download by all members of the public.


Keratoconus Australia

We are proud to support the work of Keratoconus Australia, a not-for-profit association which supports and offers advocacy for people with keratoconus. For more information visitwww.keratoconus.asn.au



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