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Hybrid Contact Lenses

Synergeyes Ultrahealth, Clearkone, Duette multifocal and Elements contact lenses

Hybrid contact lenses are rigid in the centre with a soft lens wrapped around the outside. They achieve the clarity of rigid gas permeable lenses, with comfort very close to that of soft lenses. These lenses are custom made to each patient's parameters and we source them directly from the Synergeyes laboratory in the USA or No7 laboratory in the UK. 

The days of uncomfortable contact lenses have well and truly passed. No longer should any patient have to put up  with contact lens discomfort, even if they have complex prescriptions. New technology such as hybrid and scleral contact lenses mean that contact lens intolerance is extremely rare if the lenses are fitted correctly. We specialise in contact lenses of all forms. 


What are Hybrid contact lenses?  

These are contact lenses which are rigid in the centre with a soft peripheral zone. 

What are hybrid contact lenses used for?

They are primarily designed for use in patients with keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration and corneal grafts. These lenses offer the clarity of a rigid contact lens, with the comfort of a soft lens or miniscleral contact lens. They can also be used as a multifocal lens for patients with normal corneas. 

Are hybrid contact lenses permanent?

As the lenses have a soft edge, the lenses do require periodic replacement. Generally each lens will last 6 months. 

are hybrid contact lenses hard to insert and remove? 

Hybrid contact lenses are reasonably easy to insert and remove. The process takes a little more practice compared to regular soft contact lenses however the vast majority of patients are able to easily insert and remove their lenses after a few days of wearing them. 


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