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Australian Vision Convention 2020

- Managing Corneal Compromise

Australian Vision Convention 2018

- Psychological Gains Through Contact Lenses

- The Paediatric Red Eye

Australian Vision Convention 2016

- Contact Lens Fitting Rules Redefined

- Treat the Heat, Managing Inflammatory Dry Eye

WAVE Conference Perth 2015

- Improve Your Paediatric Contact Lens Prescribing

- C.S.Eye: Ocular Presentations with Deadly Consequences

Australian Vision Convention 2014

- Lenses in or Out? The Compromised Cornea Paradox

Optometry QLD & NT - North Queensland Vision 2013

- Therapeutics Plan B's; When Your Initial Treatment Fails

- Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions - Is there any real difference?

Tasmanian Lifestyle Congress 2013

- Autoimmune Disorders and the Eye

- Allergy versus Contact Lenses

Alcon Dry Eye Academy 2013 (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne)

- Contemporary Management of Dry Eye

APP Pharmacy Guild Conference 2013

- Common Eye Conditions for Pharmacists

OAA South Australia Division Webcast Series 2013

- What's New for the Contact Lens Generalist

Australian Vision Convention 2012

- Managing Side Effects of Ocular Therapeutics

- Autoimmune Conditions and the Eye

Western Australian Vision Education 2012

- The Optometrists Role in Managing Corneal Graft Rejection

- Allergic Eye Disease

QUT School of Optometry 2011 - ongoing

Lecturer in Contact Lens Specialist Practice 

Course content including

- Therapeutic Management of Contact Lens Complications

- Paediatric Contact Lens Prescribing

- Extended Wear Contact Lens Fitting

​- Contact Lenses in Sport

Optometry WA WAVE Conference 2021

- Latest in Evidence Based Keratoconus Management

- Don't Fall For These Contact Lens Traps

International Cornea and Contact Lens Conference 2019

- RGP vs Soft Torics and Everything In Between 

Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia 2020

- Big Versus Little Contacts, The Hard Options

Optometry Australia O=Mega 2019 Conference

- Melting Point: Managing Corneal Compromise

Optometry NSW - Super Sunday Conference 2018

- Ocular Imposters

- Is there a Bigger Role for Ocular Nutrition?

Optometry QLD&NT  - North QLD Vision Conference 2015

- 5 ways to Improve Your Paediatric Contact Lens Prescribing

Optometry NSW - Super Sunday Conference 2014

- Uveitis, Not Always Autoimmune

- New Contact Lens Technologies, have we actually gained anything?

Optometry Victoria - Southern Regional Congress 2014

- Harm or Heal? Contact lenses as Therapeutic devices

International Cornea & Contact Lens Congress 2012

- Do's and Don'ts of Fitting Corneal Grafts

- Getting it Right the First time, Improving your Contact Lens Fitting Accuracy

Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia Victorian Division

- Therapeutic managment of Foreign Body Removal

- Corneal Graft Rejection

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Clinical Update 2012

- Eye conditions for the GP

Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia QLD Division

- Contact Lens Multipurpose Solutions Update

- Managing Contact Lens Complications

North Queensland Vision 2012

- Managing Side Effects of Ocular Therapeutics

- Contact Lens Complications

Optometrists Association of Australia NSW Thredbo Conference 2011

- Minisclerals and other Keratoconus Contact Lens Options

- Ocular Foreign Body Removal

David Foresto

B.Ap.Sc (Optom) Grad cert Ocular Therapeutics

Advanced Contact Lenses & Optometry

Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor QLD University of Technology

Former President Optometry QLD/NT

Winner of the Optometry QLD/NT Clinical Excellence Award 2018

David Foresto is an optometrist with extensive experience in contact lenses. David is also a lecturer at QLD University of Technology and a former President of Optometry Australia's QLD/NT Division. 

David is one of the few optometrists in Australia to fit contact lenses for babies following surgery for congenital cataract and eye trauma, and is also one of Queensland's most experienced optometrists in the management of contact lenses for keratoconus and corneal transplants, having treated over 1000 patients with these conditions.

David worked for many years at John Mountford optometrists before moving to his own practice with the goal of providing the highest level of contact lens care in Australia. David currently practices at Advanced Optometry, formerly known as EyeQ Optometrists Wickham Terrace - a practice known for its longstanding reputation for advanced contact lens care, having provided thousands of custom contact lenses for patients as well as for the movie industry.

David provides advisory services for contact lens and pharmaceutical companies and is also involved in the development of new contact lens designs. 

He has also spent time delivering volunteer eyecare in East Timor and Sri Lanka with Optometry Giving Sight and the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

David is a frequent speaker at Optometry and Medical conferences around Australia. Some of his recent lectures have included:

OptometrY & Advanced contact lenses