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OptometrY & Advanced contact lenses

Contact lens access clinic

If you have a Centrelink issued pension or health-care card you are eligible to book in for our new low cost keratoconus clinic.

The clinic will run once per fortnight and will include bulk billed fitting of contact lenses, with basic scleral lenses being fitted for $600 per eye.

Please note, these are not the same lenses as the fully customised toric and wavefront scleral lenses we usually fit, however may be a suitable option to assist patients maintain functional vision for 8-10 hours per day and therefore the ability to work, drive etc.

The clinic will be staffed with 5th year optometry students and optometrists.

Unfortunately in Queensland, there is no longer an official way for keratoconus patients to access publicly funded contact lenses. This is tremendously disappointing as contact lenses are commonly the lowest risk and most effective form of vision correction in what is often otherwise a truly debilitating disease. Despite how busy our practice has become otherwise; we have a small capacity to plug this gap and feel it is our responsibility to do so.

To book an appointment in the Contact Lens Access Clinic, please call us on 0738312900 and mention you are specifically seeking an appointment in this clinic, as other clinic times do have some fees attached.